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Coach Audrey & Coach Danny

Coach Audrey & Coach Danny

Look we all need a little EXTRA motivation. I’ve been through the ups and downs, failures and bumps in the road that comes allong with starting and FINISHING a workout program. If it was as easy as “Eat right & Exercise” then we wouldn’t quit at the 3 week mark so often. It’s the lack of motivation and accountability that makes the pattern of starting a workout, doing great, having a little slip up become a week long FAIL and then starting all over again repeat and repeat.

We’re HERE to help! We give all our clients acountability and daily support they can count on! With online challenge groups, text messaging and emails to KEEP them motivated and STAY on track throughout the the ENTIRE workout program. Think of us as your new workout buddies, but this one you can garantee WON’T QUIT!


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…Wait you ALREADY have a beachbody coach?

It’s not uncommon to want to change the Beachbody Coach that is assigned to you. Maybe your assigned Coach doesn’t interact with you, maybe they don’t INSPIRE you to push forward, or maybe they’re just not cool like me ;) Hah! Well you’re in luck because Beachbody allows customers to change the Coaches assigned to them.

So to change your Coach to us all you have to do is send an email to Beachbody at letting them know you would like to switch Coaches to Coach Barbarian, aka Barbara Lindsey Coach ID 109876. This will take about 3 days to go through. OR you can also call Team Beachbody Coach Relations Department at 1-800-240-0913 and they can switch your Coach over the phone INSTANTLY!!   

CAUTION: Don’t make ANY purchases UNTIL the coach switch has been officially changed or the purchase may go to your previous coach! Just for safety after your first purchase shoot us a message letting us know youve made a purchase so I can check to make sure it went through correctly. ….also because we want to give ya a BIG CONGRATS and get ya started on creating that action plan to reach your goals asap!

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