Day 6 | What To Do After You Finish

First off, Congratulations! Seriously! You have done what few people will actually see through until the end. Be proud and don’t forget to take your final day pictures!If you have done this, ask me about how to get your free Focus T25 or Les Mills Pump T-shirt!

Basic Option:

So you’re done. What do you do now? There really are 2 main options that I will recommend since we are talking about Focus T25/Les Mills Pump Hybrid (Do it again or go to the next level – more on that on the bottom of the page). The first thing you could do is simply start over again! In fact, after finishing, and starting over you will see how much easier the workouts are. But that doesn’t mean you take it easy in your second round! Remember how I talked about setting small goals? This time, push even harder and try to truly master these workouts! Obliterate your goals! Make them unrecognizable! You now have the strength and endurance to do just that. Now you can REALLY push hard since the first phase in your second round will seem almost kind of “easy”.

Extreme Option:

Shaun T has also created the next step to the Focus T25 revolution called GAMMA! If you are satisfied with the results you got from ALPHA and BETA, then this would be the next natural step for you. You’ll see just how AWESOME it is.
Also, if you have not tried Shakeology yet now is the time to add it to your Focus T25/Les Mills Pump Hybrid routine. Your body will perform at it’s peak levels with proper nutrition and a Shake a day just makes it simple. You can order Focus T25 & Gamma & Shakeology in a Challenge pack to earn free shipping and a reduced bundle price. I do get commissions and I appreciate your support. However, I share this stuff because it’s what I DO, not just what I talk about. I share what I have in my own home and what I put in my body.

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  1. become a coach! lol or try a new challenge. I would be more than willing to coach you through! send me your thoughts.


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