Day 4 | Recover When Disaster Strikes!

#1 Getting back on the horse

What should you do if you miss a day or 2? What if you missed a week?


This is the biggest problem for most folks because of what this does to them mentally. The words “starting over” or “giving up” come to mind and it becomes the most difficult demon to combat. I’m here to say, “Don’t let it win!”


Getting back on the horse, for me, is the biggest accomplishment you can commit if this happens. And just about everyone has a tendency to put more pressure on themselves whether or not they get back on the horse. Rather than starting over at day 1, if you missed a day or 5, go back to your calendar and continue as if nothing happened. The body is smart and can recover. This will obviously be different if you stopped for like a month. What you will want to do is add on the days you missed to the end of your program. Kind of like a soccer game, the clock keeps ticking down and whatever time is wasted on not playing the game gets added on till the entire 90 minutes is covered. Don’t waste time beating yourself up get back on the horse and finish the journey.
Oh, and DO NOT try to make up for lost time and do 2 workouts in one day. Do to the extreme nature of these workouts, this could potentially damage or injure the body and could possibly force you to take a much longer break than you intended. NOT RECOMMENDED!


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#2 Feeling ill.


This is where listening to your body is huge. Are you feeling sick? Head aches? Body aches? You have almost no energy? And I am not talking about those moments you can talk yourself into these. Be truthful and honest, the only one that will hurt from any laziness will be you.


Just remember what I said in day 3 with R&R. If your commitment is there but the body won’t allow it, only do what you can. Even if this means nothing at all and all you can do is rest or sleep. The body will need to recover before it can move on to the regular routine. Take the time you need to allow the body to recover and ease back into things with a light walk and rest. The immune system will need time to recover as well and jumping right back into the swing of things full force will only stress the system out.
By the second day of you easing your way back, you should be able to gauge how intense you can push it. Listen to your body and respond accordingly till you are fully recovered.


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