Day 2 | Top 3 tips for Staying T25 Focused

#1 Set a pace, do only what you can do.

This was mentioned briefly yesterday as far as your expectations but today we’ll dig a little deeper.

You want results, right? You want to see the changes and feel better? You want that feeling to last, perhaps even for a lifetime?

I’m here to say “Heck ya you can!”

Just like the title, set a pace for yourself so that each day you strive a little harder. Don’t be cocky, you’re not superman or wonder woman. Give your body the daily challenge but keep a pace that would allow you to not only finish the workout with a feeling of accomplishment but continue and complete the entire challenge you have committed to.

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#2 Creating small challenges

If you have decided to do this, there is a specific time frame you have committed to. Whether it be a 5 day starter challenge or you chose to dig deeper and rock a 30, 60, or 90 day challenge. Whatever the case may be, don’t think to far into the future. Every phase has 5 weeks and every week has a new rotation of workouts. Keep your mind focused on the weekly. It will be much easier to keep your commitment fresh as you complete each weekly challenge and before you know it, its all over.

Its also really easy to find a specific workout out of your daily routine to dread. It is useful to focus on that movement and work to get a little better at it each time. When you find the movement you dread, take note (on paper) of how many reps you were capable of and every time you go back to that move, work to do at least one more repetition. Or, take note of how long you lasted without taking a break and build off that.

With this in mind, you will be amazed at how quickly you improve when you apply small goals with every workout. Remember to write these down. It is important to track your progress as to not only feel the physical changes but to also maintain the small milestones you will set for yourself on a daily basis.

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#3 R & R is absolutely necessary!

These workouts are extreme, high impact and potent in breaking down the muscles. Rest and Recovery is extremely important because this is where all your hard work comes into play. As your workouts continuously break your body down, how you treat it outside of these workouts has everything to do with the results you are wanting to see.

This doesn’t start and end with rest or that massage therapist you see regularly. This also has everything to do with your diet, other recreational activities and any workouts you may be wanting keep up along side of this workout. Best thing I can suggest is to pick one day out of your week that has nothing planned and really treat yourself well. after all, you earned it! Chill on the beach, relax in your backyard and if you want to get in your recreational hobby (for me, its beach volleyball or disc golf), then take it easy and have fun.

For the diet portion, its quality rather than quantity. What you are putting into your body is way more important than how much. Sure, you can get the calories, protein and fats you need from your local convenience store but the human body doesn’t break down majorly processed foods the same way as fruits and vegetables. It is important to focus on the quality of foods your are consuming and getting your nutrients from natural sources so the body can digest and replenish….naturally. Trust me, everything will run much smoother.

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Tomorrow we will cover the most common mistake almost everyone makes and how to recover from it.


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