Does Les Mills Work?

Each and every one of the Les Mills Body Pump Workouts completely changes your mind about weight lifting and what weight to use. If it is your first time using this program, its pretty easy starting from scratch or low weights and working your way up. However, if you are an experienced lifter, it will be harder to realize that using a lighter weight than what you are accustomed to is the only way to complete each workout. In order to last each progression, you have to humble yourself and be willing to improve. For example, at first I used about 30 pounds total for the Les Mills Body Pump Workout ( ya, that’s right, total ) thinking I was the man. Les Mills Body Pump Workout quickly put me in my place, forcing me to start at 15 or 20 lbs.. Now, I am steadily using 30-35lbs. and plan on challenging myself with 5 pound weight progressions as I improve with the Les Mills Body Pump Workouts. In short, yes, this program works and you don’t need a lot of weight to do it. That is, until you finish the first thirty days.

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