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Sheldon McBee
Trains in Universal Athletic Club, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Born in South Orange, New Jersey.
Always dreamed of becoming a Les Mills National trainer and knew BODYPUMP® was the way to go.
Best fitness tip – Choose a path that’s achievable so you’re satisfied spiritually, physically, and emotionally.


les mills pump trainerSusan Renata
Trains in Auckland, New Zealand
Born in Auckland, New Zealand.
Used to watch the BODYPUMP® class that was on before her step class. She was fascinated by so many people (especially females) doing weights and having fun.
Best fitness tip – Moderation. Too much of anything is unhealthy. Try everything!
les mills pump trainerRachel Newsham
Trains in Auckland, New Zeland
Born in Preston, England
Loved doing it as a class participant and wanted to share it with my friends who knew nothing about it.
Best fitness tip – Fall in love with fitness/working out and the rest comes naturally.



les mills pump trainerJoel Freeman
Trains in Los Angeles, California
Born in Chico, California
After taking his very first BODYPUMP® class, he was captivated and inspired. He loved lifting weights, and wanted to show people it’s possible to do something they never thought they could!
Best fitness tip – When someone tells him they’re thinking about trying a class, he tells them “Get in there and do it!”
les mills pump trainerÅsa Eriksson (SWE)
Trains in Gothenburg, Sweden
Born in Mölndal near Gothenburg, Sweden.
Wanted to become stronger in general and to find a complement to her dancing.
Best fitness tip – Know WHY you do it. With a goal, everything is much more fun!


les mills pump trainerDan Cohen
Trains in Auckland, New Zeland
Born in London, England
BODYPUMP® kicks his butt! And it totally works! You shape, you tone, you lose fat – it’s pretty perfect.
Best fitness tip – Don’t quit!

les mills pump trainerBen Tang
Trains in Singapore
Born in Singapore
Loves the motivational aspect of weight training with music.
Best fitness tip – Incorporate little changes into your life. When you look back in a year’s time, you’ll see how far you’ve come.




les mills pump trainerBen Feliciano
Trains in Lifestyle Family Fitness®, Lakeland, Florida
Born in Bronx, New York.
BODYPUMP® took his love for weight training and combined that with his love for training others.
Best fitness tip – You have to set specific goals and be very detailed about them. Then you have to continuously follow up with your goals and be flexible enough to adjust and tweak what’s not working.


les mills pump trainerEmma Barry
Trains in Auckland, New Zealand
Born in London, England.
The moment she saw the program, she just knew it was for her.
Best fitness tip – And I quote, “Just keep showing up. We’ll do the rest!”
les mills pump trainerJericho McDuffie
Trains in Laguna Beach, California
Born in Nashville, Tennessee.
Best fitness tip – It took one class and she was instantly addicted to the energy. She knew that this program was going to change her life forever.

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