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Focus t25 WorkoutsFocus T25 Workouts

The Focus T25 Workouts are you know by now VERY INTENSE, but that doesn’t mean damaging. All though you may be on the floor slipping in your own pool of sweat it doesn’t mean that you’re putting impact on your knees and joints. Luckily we have Tanya to thank for these examples in the Focus T25 workouts.

Tanya has been a participant of Shaun T’s workouts from the start of Hip Hop Abs and on through INSANITY. All throughout the Focus T25 workouts she’ll be demonstrating low impact versions of ALL the moves. Can’t do burpees, jumping jacks, or switch kicks…no problem. Tanya has a moderated move to help you get through the Focus T25 workouts at your own pace while still sweating your butt off!


Focus T25 Low Impact Modifications:


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