About Trainer Shaun T

About Trainer Shaun T Focus T25 Workout:

Shaun T Focus T25 Workout

Shaun T Focus T25 Workout

Shaun T Focus T25 workout program is the perfect way to get in the best shape of your life. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, tone up or get ripped, Focus T25 will get you there in just 25 minutes a day! 

Focus T25 is brought to you by the same creator as INSANITY and INSANITY Asylum, Shaun T. He realized that not everyone has an hour a day to dedicate to working out, but EVERYONE has 25 minutes a day!

“So I made it my mission to create a workout program that would get your body looking like you’d spent hours at the gym…. in only 25 minutes a day – less time than you’d spend driving to and from the gym! Focus T25 is that workout.

So how can I get you such amazing results in just 25 minutes a day? By pushing you hard with short high intensity exercises that force your body’s chemistry to adapt so you get shredded. Even though you’re working out shorter, you’re getting strong and getting cut faster. That’s what makes Focus T25 the most efficient workout ever created.” - Shaun T

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If you are looking to get in the best shape of your life in just 25 minutes a day then Shaun T Focus T25 is for you! But you have to get FOCUSED! Check out this video about Focus T25 and explore the site for more details to see if you’re ready to get focused. Not kinda ready… I mean FOCUSED!

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